Drink cure

Drink cure in Kehida Thermal

Medicinal waters are mineral waters welling up from the depths of the Earth to the surface or being brought to the surface artificially. Strictly regulated medical studies have shown their curative effects on specific diseases. Medicinal waters are not necessarily thermal waters, i.e. their temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius. In case of using them for a drinking cure, they can be consumed even below 20 degrees Celsius.
Medicinal water can be consumed orally in case of a drinking cure. For certain complaints, it can be used together with bathing; therefore, the drinking cure can increase the effects of therapeutic treatments. Many medicinal waters lose their healing effect in the course of time; therefore, such waters can be used only at the spring effectively.
The average duration of a drink cure is 2 to 4 weeks. During the course of the cure, patients consume ½ to 1 litre more fluid than they usually do. This in itself is very effective because the additional liquid flushes the body. The effect of the drinking cure depends on the temperature of the water. The 38 degrees Celsius water appears indifferent in the mouth; therefore, a drinking therapy is made with water at body temperature usually.

The composition of the medicinal and thermal water of Kehida

The medicinal water of Kehidakustány contains calcium-magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. Its sulphide ion content is 3.2 mg/l; therefore, it belongs to sulphuric medicinal waters. Primarily, it is perfectly suited for preventing and healing musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases, and neurological, gynaecological, dermatological and musculoskeletal problems. It has an important role in accidental rehabilitation, because it accelerates the healing process of injuries and fractures remarkably.

It does not contain radon, so it can be used efficiently in certain paediatric aspects (neurological, musculoskeletal diseases, injuries, post-accidental rehabilitation).

Components and quantities (mg/l)

  • Potassium: 7,90
  • Natrium: 35,00
  • Ammonium: 0,53
  • Calcium: 80,30
  • Magnesium: 30,50
  • Iron: 0,13
  • Manganese: n.d.
  • Total cations: 154,36
  • Nitrate: n.d.
  • Nitrite: n.d.
  • Chlorid ion: 8,00
  • Hydrobromide: 0,09
  • Iodide: 0,028
  • Fluoride: 2,50
  • Sulphate ion: 46,00
  • Hydrogene carbonate: 427,00
  • Sulfide ion: 3,20
  • Dissolved phosphate: 0,05
  • Total anions: 486,87
  • Metaboric acid: 0,50
  • Silicic: 37,00
  • Free carbonic acid: 118,00
  • Dissolved oxygen: n.d.
  • Arsenic: n.d.
  • Total: 748,00
  • Chemical oxygen demand KOI ps: 4,70
  • pH: 6,8
  • Temperature: 49 ℃
  • n.d.: not demonstrable

Indications of Kehida medicinal water drinking cure

  • It is excellent at treating osteoporosis.
  • It is recommended as an additional therapy in case of musculoskeletal and gynaecological diseases because of its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • It is recommended in case of dermatological and urological diseases for reducing inflammation.
  • It can be used as a drinking cure for internal, liver and biliary diseases; its laxative effect is well known.
  • For cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure (to supplement medication).
  • In case of chronic, non-specific respiratory diseases:
    – chronic bronchitis,
    – bronchial asthma,
    – emphysema.
  • It accelerates the passage of kidney stones, urinary sand.
  • For curing gout diseases, because it helps the excretion of uric acid.
  • For goitre caused by iodine deficiency, for preventing goitre.
  • For the period of convalescence after illnesses, for gaining strength.
  • In case of incipient diabetes.
  • If sulphur is deposited in the mucous membranes and joints.
  • It has an appetite increasing effect, especially in case of inacidity.
  • In case of dental caries, which is considered as a widespread disease, or for preventing it. It is important to pay attention to the fluoride demand of pregnant and nursing mothers as well as small children, because the protective effect is most pronounced before the piercing of the teeth.


  • Severe heart failure, which causes significant damage in the pumping function of the heart muscles.
  • In case of renal insufficiency, which decreases the detoxifying and urine producing function of the kidneys notably.
  • Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity, gastritis.
  • Conditions associated with chronic diarrhoea.
  • In case of hyperthyroidism.

Additional treatments recommended in addition to the medicinal water drinking cure

  • Physiotherapy treatments.
  • In case of cardiovascular diseases: massage focused on the lymphatic vessels, relaxing massage.
  • In case of diseases associated with constipation: special diet, abdominal massage, physiotherapy.
  • In case of dermatological diseases: bathing in thermal water.
  • In case of urological, gynaecological inflammations: medication recommended by the specialist of the given field.
  • In case of respiratory complaints: aromatherapy, physiotherapy.
  • In case of thyroid diseases: medication recommended by the specialist of the given field (endocrinologist).

Photos of the drinking cure