At our Therapy Department, we offer treatments for preventing and healing musculoskeletal diseases, surgery pre-treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

Kehidakustány therapy is suitable for curing and preventing diseases and it can even be combined with active or passive recreation. The goals of the therapeutic treatments are, among other things, to stimulate the healing process, reduce pain and inflammation, maintain or regain the locomotive function and strengthen the muscles. – All courses of treatments and therapies are preceded by medical advice.

The surroundings of Kehida Termál Adventure Bath and Spa, the therapeutic qualities of the water and the additional services make complex the physical and mental refreshment, as well as the healing and self-healing effects.

Therapy for adults

Felnőtt terápia

We can aid our guests in recovery with our highly experienced medical specialists’ team, qualified medicinal water, 1 week’s or 2 weeks’ complex therapies (conductive therapy, hibiscus cure, and rosemary cure), well-equipped therapy facilities and physiotherapists.

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Drinking cure


We recommend our drinking cure as a complementary therapy: it has a hypotensive effect, in case of rheumatic and locomotive disorders, it has a cartilage recovery effect, and in case of neurological diseases caused by fatigue and stress it has a “retuning” and sedative effect. It is also effective in curing skin diseases.

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Therapeutic services


In the course of our specialist’s examination, the most suitable therapeutic services are chosen for you: individual physiotherapy, underwater jet massage, weight bath, full galvanic bath, four-cell galvanic bath, TENS and ultrasound treatments. The healing process is checked in the course of a control examination.

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