Medical Spa

Our medicinal water, which has an outstanding calcium-magnesium and hydrogen carbonate content among Hungarian thermal baths, offers real recreation to our guests.

A sitting pool and a swimming pool with medicinal water are located outdoors. They can be visited even with the purchase of a green-zone admission ticket. Please check the outside operated pools on the

In the indoor spa, there is a separate room partitioned by a glass wall, where a thermal pool with weight bath, neck shower (and with a pool lift for the disabled), and a 32-36 degrees Celsius round sitting pool provide peaceful relaxation for our visitors. Our guests can relax on the lounge chairs placed around the white zone thermal pools that can only be used by adults. In addition to the pools, the regular consumption of the water coming from the drinking fountain situated in the Silence Room (‘Csend Szoba’) is recommended for digestive problems.

Get informed about the current opening and actual availability of the Pools and admission ticket prices. of the Adventure Bath and Spa. For guest who choose any of our accomodation, spa uasage is free of charge!

Which one would you try?

Round pool with medicinal water34-36 °CRound pool with medicinal water
Corner thermal pool with weight bath34-36 °CCorner thermal pool with weight bath
Drinking fountainDrinking fountain

The temperature of the spring of the medicinal water of Kehidakustány is 49 °C, which cools down to a pleasant 34-36 °C upon arriving at the pools. The medicial water of Kehidakutány is rich in calcium-magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. Its sulfide ion content is high (3.3 mg/l), so it belongs to sulphuric medicinal waters. It does not contain radon. It is perfectly suited for preventing and curing neurological, gynaecological, and dermatological and musculosceletal problems.

It has an important role in accident rehabilitation, because it promotes the healing process of injuries and fractures. The water also has anti-inflammatory effects, therefore it is recommended for treating dermatological complaints as well. The extremely beneficial sulphur can get into the human body by bathing, a drinking cure or inhalation. In the surroundings of our thermal pools, there are relaxation areas, a silence room and a drinking fountain designed exclusively for adults.

Physiotherapeutic treatments, medicinal massage or medical gymnastics, under the supervision of a specialist, can be added to supplement the bathing cure.

The Kehida bathing cure is recommended in case of

  • high blood pressure, since it has an antihypertensive effect
  • rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders because of its cartilage regenerative capacity
  • neurological disorders caused by exhaustion and stress because of its “retuning” and calming effects
  • the treatment of skin diseases, it is especially indicated as individual tub bath treatment
  • All forms of degenerative rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases: vertebrae, ligaments
  • Small joint and disc problems, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, dyscopathia
  • In the resting phase of inflammatory joint and spine diseases
  • Bechterew’s disease
  • The symptoms of chronic joint diseases can be mitigated
  • Rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism
  • Secondary joint diseases, joint complaints associated with metabolic disturbances
  • Chronic musculoskeletal disorders affecting the peripheral nervous system
  • Pre- and post-treatment of joint operations, post-treatment of a herniated disc surgery
  • Joint inflammation associated with skin diseases
  • Conditions after fractures, accidental injuries and musculoskeletal surgeries
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rehabilitation after ortophaedic and accidental injuries, as well as neurological surgeries

Bathing cure is not recommended in case of

  • Malignant tumours
  • Heart diseases causing circulatory diorders (decompensated), cardiovascular diseases, extremely high blood pressure, severe hardening of the arteries, artherosclerosis, after a heart attack, severe varicose vein disorders
  • All acute inflammatory diseases (phlebitis, active phase of arthritis)
  • Leukemia and other hematopoietic disorder, severe anemia (haemophylia)
  • Asthma, in the event of frequent seizures
  • Renal failure, kidney stones
  • Sudden fainting spells
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pernicious weight loss or weight gain

The reasons why medicinal baths slow down aging

  • due to the exercise carried out in the water and the buoyancy, the load on the walls of the vessels decreases, the blood circulation and the oxygenation of organs improve
  • the muscles relax
  • the movement and movability of joints improve, since they don’t have to bear the weight of the body in water
  • our thoughts calm down and our mind becomes clear watching the flow of the water
  • detoxification through the kidneys and liver improves
  • the metabolism increases
  • the lymphatic system becomes activated, so roughage leaves the body faster
  • due to the pleasure provided by movement and water, endorphins are released, which makes you more satisfied

Medicinal water analysis

The medicinal water of Kehidakustány contains calcium-magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. Its sulphide ion content is 3.2 mg/l; therefore, it belongs to sulphuric medicinal waters. Primarily, it is perfectly suitable for preventing and curing rheumatic diseases and the disorders of the locomotive system, as well as neurological, gynaecological, dermatological and musculoskeletal problems. It has an important role in post-accidental rehabilitation, because it accelerates the healing process of injuries and fractures. It does not contain radon.

According to the data of the National Public Health Service’s accredited laboratory:

  • chemical oxygen demand KOI ps 4,70
  • pH 6,8
  • Temperature: 49 °C
  • Sodium: 7,90 mg/l
  • Nátrium: 35,00 mg/l
  • Ammonium: 0,53 mg/l
  • Calcium: 80,30 mg/l
  • Magnesium: 30,50 mg/l
  • Iron: 0,13 mg/l
  • Manganese: not detectable
  • Total cations: 154,36 mg/l
  • Nitrate: not detectable
  • Nitrite: not detectable
  • Chloride ion: 8,00 mg/l
  • Bromide: 0,09 mg/l
  • Iodide: 0,028 mg/l
  • Fluoride: 2,50 mg/l
  • Szulfát ion: 46,00 mg/l
  • Hydrogen carbonate: 427,00 mg/l
  • Sulphideion: 3,20 mg/l
  • Dissolved phosphate: 0,05 mg/l
  • Total anions: 486,87 mg/l
  • Meta boric acid: 0,50 mg/l
  • Silicic acid: 37,00 mg/l
  • Free carbonic acid: 118,00 mg/l
  • Dissolved oxygen: not detectable
  • Arsenic: not detectable

Pool rules

  • It is forbidden to use the thermal baths in case of open, weeping wounds and active ulcers.
  • It is prohibited to use the thermal baths under the influence of alcohol, or in case of incontinence.
  • In case of every acute and chronic infectious diseases (tuberculosis, hepatitis), or severe mental illness the use of the thermal pools is forbidden.