Sauna World

Oasis on weekdays and the island of peace at busy weekends.

“Let the sauna make you forget about your everyday problems!” Bathing and sauna work wonders for the body, they are good for the skin, the blood circulation and the respiratory tracts, and they also refresh the soul.

Our saunas and pools

Finnish saunasFinnish saunas
Steam bathSteam bath
Infra cabinInfra cabin

Finnish saunas, aromatherapy and music therapy cabin

In addition to the soothing atmosphere, it has a beneficial effect on your skin and the entire circulatory system. It relaxes the muscles and promotes the excretion of roughage.

Infra cabin

A haven of tranquillity. Beauty and health at a high level. The infrared cabin is a very gentle treatment; you can enjoy the positive effects of the infrared rays already at 40°C, since not the high temperature plays a role in prevention and cure but the heat energy absorbed by the body.

Steam bath

Steam, which is wet and less hot, makes you sweat more gently. It detoxifies the body in a natural way through sweating: opens the pores, so heat promotes very deep cleaning.

Hot tubHot tub
Kneipp treading poolKneipp treading pool

Hot tub

It cleanses and refreshes the body. The continuous and repetitive pulsation of the water jets strengthens the skin: this massage combined with the dilatation of the pores result in a healthy and shiny skin. India’s ancient teachers knew already: life and vitality depend on the vital force called “prana” that can abundantly be found in water and air, and above all in the mixture of these two elements, namely in water in motion containing dissolved air.

Kneipp treading pool

It calms you down in the evening and refreshes you during the day. You tread the water by stepping on stones in the pool filled with cold water. You have to pull out your feet with every step, so the cold water and the warm air together provide a changing bath. The stones gently massage the reflex zones of the sole; thereby a kind of regulatory process is started.

Wellness terraceWellness Terrace
Salt roomSalt room

Sauna seances

The ritual of pouring water over the heated rocks lasts for 8 to 15 minutes. It aims to provide an extra heat stimulus, which enhances sweating and gives a very pleasant feeling. A gratifying shiver runs along the guests’ back when they are enjoying the work of the sauna master in 80-90 degrees Celsius. Sauna masters can practice their work at an almost artistic level. As a result of the technique, 20% more toxins are eliminated from the body.

Each sauna séance lasts for up to 12 -15 minutes, but everyone, who feels it has been enough for him/her, can leave the sauna. It is followed by cooling, resting and relaxation.

The beneficial effects of sauna séances

Sauna séance with salt

After a short time in the sauna, you rub some sea salt into your skin using it as a body scrub. This way you can get rid of the dead epidermal cells during the sauna programme and your skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch.

Honey séance

Similarly to the sea salt séance, after a short time spent in the sauna, you spread honey over your sweating skin. Honey becomes fluid in the heat of the sauna and absorbs quickly into the skin, therefore it can nourish the skin with all its trace elements and minerals. The pleasantly smelling honey makes your skin soft and pleasant to the touch.

Icy séance

Through the battle of fire and ice, the alternation of hot air and cold ice has a refreshing and stimulating effect. It is an intense and regenerative experience.

Sauna infusion times

14.00Oily-salty séanceOily-salty séance
16.00Skin rejuvenation with chamomileSkin rejuvenation with chamomile
18.00Icy séanceIcy séance

We would like to call the attention of our guests to the fact that the use of the sauna is permitted only from the age of 14. According to the traditional rules of the sauna, everyone must use the sauna naked. We provide a sauna towel for everyone who purchased an admission ticket to the saunas. Sauna towels can be taken over at the sauna master. Please, do not take the sauna towel out of the territory of the sauna oasis. Sauna séances only start with a minimum of 5 participant!