In this section, we collected the most frequently asked questions about Kehida Termál Adventure Bath and Spa, the Hotel, Hertelendy House****, and the Holiday Village***.

Kehida Termál Adventure Bath and Spa

Which bath entry ticket should I choose?

We divided the bath into 3 zones: green zone, white zone and red zone.

  • 1. Green zone: indoor and outdoor adventure bath, open-air bath.
  • 2. White zone: indoor thermal and adventure bath, open-air bath (green zone + indoor thermal bath)
  • 3. Red zone: indoor thermal and adventure bath, open-air bath, saunas (white zone + saunas)

3-hour and all-day tickets are available to each zone.

What kind of discounts does Kehida Termál provide from entry tickets?

  • Children under the age of six can visit our bath free.
  • Children between the age of 6 and 14 are provided discounted admission. (Check our price list)
  • Kehida Termál is a family-friendly establishment; therefore, families – 2 adults, 2 chilren (6-14 years) – are offered discounted all-day family tickets.
  • Our retired guests can purchase discounted tickets by producing their pensioner card.
  • For holders of disabled card, with the exception of the Red zone, the admission is free under the age of 18, and over the age of 18, 20% discount is provided.

The price list of the bath can be found here…

We will visit you in a group. Is there a group allowance available?

Yes, it is.

  • We provide 20%/10% discount for groups consisting of more than 20 members from our all-day and 3-hour services. (Appointment: via phone: 00 36 83/534-503; fax: 00 36 83/534-592; or email: sales@kehidatermal.hu)

What is the coloured (green, white, red) plastic watch for?

At the cash desk of the bath, visitors receive a watch-like device upon purchasing the admission ticket to the bath. According to the zones, the watch can be green, white or red. The following data will be stored on the watch:

  • the length of stay (3 hours or all day)
  • the number of the locker
  • the zone that the visitor is entitled to use (green, white, red).

The identification watches, according to the purchased service package, authorise or prohibit the access to the various zones.

How can I use the coloured watch?

You can enter the green, white and red zones through electric gates. You can walk through the electric gates with the identification watches. There is a sensor at the top of the gate, on which the watch should be placed firmly for a second. In case of appropriate authority, the electric turnstile will not open.

There are information terminals at the entrance of the changing rooms in the territory of the baths and at the lifeguards’ counter in the area of the adventure spa, where the data stored on the watch can be checked (length of stay, the number of the locker, zone).

By means of the watch, you can pass through from one zone to another, open and close the lockers and exit the spa.

If you exceed the length of your stay, you have to purchase the next ticket entitling to stay for a longer period, when going home. For example, if you buy a 3-hour green zone ticket and you stay longer than 3 hours, upon leaving the spa, you have to pay the difference between the prices of the 3-hour and the all-day green zone ticket.

Can I use the watch for other services?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any other services by the help of the watch.

Can I take therapeutic services with a referral?

No, unfortunately, you can’t, since we do not have an agreement with the OEP (National Health Insurance Fund) currently.

Can I rent a bathrobe, a towel … etc. at us?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can buy towels, beach goods, toys and beachware at the shop located on the corridor of the spa.

Is it possible to leave valuables and/or cash at the cashier for safekeeping?

No, it isn’t. You can leave your valuables in the lockers, which can be opened by the help of the watch. We accept no responsibility for belongings left in the lockers.

Kehida Termál Hotel****, Hertelendy House****, Holiday Village***

What is included in room rates / apartment rates?

  • At Kehida Termál Hotel and Hertelendy House, buffet-breakfast is included in the room rates. The apartments of the Holiday Village can also be booked with self-catering.
  • Every hotel guest enjoy free use of all the indoor and outdoor pools in Kehida Termál Adventure Bath and Spa during the opening hours.
  • The room rates are also inclusive of the use of the Sauna Oasis (Finnish saunas, infra sauna, aromatherapy and music therapy cabin, Kneipp treading pool, hot tub, plunge pool)
  • Bathrobe and beach towel are provided for our hotel guests. Bathrobe is provided for the guests of our apartment houses.
  • Additional free services: the use of cardio fitness room, bicycles, table tennis tables.
  • Free parking in a car park with barriers.
  • We provide the following items (subject to availability) for our guests arriving with a baby: baby cot, changing table, baby bath tub, feeding bottle and baby food warmer, baby step stool, potty, toilet seat, baby monitor, pram with parasol and mosquito net.

When is it possible to check into the room/apartment?

Hotel rooms and family apartments are at our guests’ disposal from 3.00 pm on the day of arrival. The full use of the spa is available after check-in by the help of a chip watch. On the day of departure, guests should check out of the room until 11.00 am.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

Yes, it is. We accept the following cards:

  • VISA