Outdoor spa

Our open-air pools are offer a real refreshment during the summer.

If it is a scorching day, you can play with your Mum and Dad in the pleasantly luke-warm adventure pool or in the cold swimming pool. Should a cool summer rain surprise you, the water remains pleasantly warm both indoors and outdoors.

At our open-air bath, we serve the comfort of the visiting families with pools featuring geysers and neck showers, a pool bar in the middle of the adventure pool, a chilren’s paddling pool, a wave pool, swimming pools, sitting pools containing thermal water at the temperature of 34-39 degrees Celsius and relax and sun terraces.

We call our guests attention to the fact that a part of the open-air bath only operates seasonally. Get further information about the current opening hours of the open-air pools and the admission ticket prices.

Pools Temperature
Outdoor adventure pool 23-28 ℃
Wave pool 22-24 ℃
Cold water swimming pool 21-26 ℃
Children’s paddling pool 26-30 ℃
Warm water swimming pool 28-32 ℃
Sitting pool with medicinal water 34-36 ℃
Roofed sitting pool with medicinal water 34-36 ℃
Large sitting pool with medicinal water 34-36 ℃

Rules of use

  • We inform you that people with the minimum height of 1.2 m and over 10 years of age can only use the indoor and outdoor slides.