Kehida Termál Gyógy- és Élményfürdő
8784 Kehidakustány, Kossuth str. 62.
Route plan

Far away from the loud city in a beautiful, green surrounding.

Even the road to Kehidakustány is refreshing: the spa is surrounded by rolling hills with charming, lush forests.

Budapest is only around 2 hours away on the highway M7 (203 km).

Kehida is close to lake Balaton

It’s a great starting point for short road trips, Keszthely, the capital city of Balaton is only 20 km away, Hévíz with its unique lake is only 12 km away.


  • Zalaegerszeg: 30 km
  • Győr: 125 km
  • Székesfehérvár: 145 km
  • Pécs: 167 km
  • Bécs: 192 km
  • Pozsony: 197 km