Medical services

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  • Medical examination
  • Control examination
  • Individual physiotherapy
  • Underwater massage

Underwater massage

The underwater jet massage is based on the effects of balneotherapy, hydrotherapy and the mechanical effects of water-jet. The treatment takes place in a medical bath filled with thermal water. The power of the thermal water further intensifies the effect of the therapy. The massage is carried out by a controllable water-jet with adjustable intensity in the special bathtub. The pleasantly warm water comes from a hose and it is manually directed to various parts of your body. It is a gentle and delicate intervention into the body’s processes; therefore, it can be used for everybody.

Weight bath

Weight bath therapy is a traditional therapy procedure: it serves for treating diseases resulting from the degenerative mutation of the large joints of the spine and lower limbs through stretching. In the course of the weight bath treatment the patient is suspended in lukewarm water and the desired stretching effect is reached partly by the decreased pressure caused by buoyancy, and partly by using additional extra weight.

Full galvanic bath

The treatment is especially beneficial in case of arthritis deformans (rheumatoid arthritis). The patient’s forearms and legs are placed in little bathtubs full of water. Current is led through the 34 degrees Celsius water.

Four-chambered galvanic bath

It is the combination of electric current and hydrotherapy. This therapy is used not on the whole body but only on the limbs. The therapy is primarily analgesic, it increases circulation and improves skin tone.


TENS means electrical nerve stimulation through the skin. In the course of the treatment various wave-shaped, low frequency 1-200 Hz electric current is introduced into the body, taking advantage of its beneficial physiological effects on the human body. As a result of the treatments, the patient’s quality of life improves and the rehabilitation time shortens significantly. During the healing work, the TENS method is used mainly for relieving pain, relaxing muscles, relieving muscular strain, strengthening muscles, electromassage, improving circulation and for introducing some analgesic cream and oil into the skin.


The heating and massaging effects of the ultrasound therapy have two main advantages. Primarily, it stimulates blood circulation in the treated area, therefore promotes the healing process. Secondly, it reduces swelling, which is the main source of pain. One of the greatest benefits of the ultrasound therapy is that it reduces the healing time of certain soft tissue injuries.

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