„Listen to the silence among noises: it is the true music of nature.” (Chinese quote)

We offer a wide range of relaxing and therapeutic massages. Choose the right one and indulge in pampering relaxation!

Massage with grape seed oil 25 minutes

Even body care cannot abstain from one of the favourite fruits of autumn, the gift of gods, grapes. If you want to rejuvenate your skin, grape will be a real treasure. The massage with grape seed oil invigorates the skin, therethrough enhances the circulation on the surface of the skin, so it cleans and detoxifies. It is excellent to stimulate the circulation of tired feet.

Classic Swedish massage with olive oil 25 minutes

The ancient healing method of humankind. Let yourself be pampered in the course of a relaxing massage, which is done with nutritious olive oil. It is recommended to bathe in thermal water before the treatment, because the effect of the heat enhances the loosening of soft tissues.

Massage with a mixture of herbal oils 25/50 minutes

This muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic relaxing massage oil is created from a scent composition that consists of the spicy aroma of rosemary, the camphorous scent of cajuput, which resembles of eucalypt, and of real camphor. It is recommended in case of muscle pain and sports injuries.

Relaxing massage with lavender 25/50 minutes

In this soothing mixture, sweet lavender flowers encompass the body gently, while relaxing the soul softly.

Aroma massage with essential oils 50 minutes

The base of this oil mixture is lemon, which is gently touched with the scent of chamomile and eucalypt. It does not only invigorate the skin but also has a unique refreshing effect on body and soul.

Foot massage 40 minutes

It is a 5000-year-old massage deriving from Asia and has a healing effect on most of your body parts. It protects and improves your physical and mental health. The foot massage prevents illnesses and starts the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Thai massage 40 minutes

Thai massage is a refreshing and regenerating massage based on ancient Far Eastern traditions. It fundamentally differs from the European massage. Thai massage is a dry massage; it is carried out through thin fabric massage clothes on the ground or on a mattress. Compared to other techniques, the basic difference is that, primarily, not muscles but physiological points located along the energy lines are massaged very effectively. You will find that, after the massage, you are much fresher and more active both mentally and physically for several days.

Underwater jet massage 20 minutes

In the course of the treatment, the joint effects of hot bath and massage are used for easing muscle complaints and relaxing the muscular system. The patient is laid in a large bathtub filled with 35 to 37 degrees Celsius water; meanwhile a therapist gently massages the main muscle groups with a strong waterjet.

Jade stone massage bed 40 minutes

Jade is a semi-precious stone, which is used in Eastern medicine for centuries. It is considered as the stone of immortality. The unique vibrations of jade are identical with the vibrations of the human body and they get inside the body. The vibrations radiate the vibrations of a healthy body towards the ill body parts; therefore, they can start the self-healing processes of the body. It promotes the metabolism of the cells, increases vitality, and strengthens the immune system. The warm jade stones go along the spine and, stopping at the acupuncture points, they relax muscles. Heath intensifies the effect. It opens the meridians and fills up the body with healing energy helping the flow of the Chi (vital energy).

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