Aromatherapy treatment

“Tranquillity lends you balance and lightness; balance and lightness give you inner peace and the peace of mind.” (Tschuang-Tse)

Tub-bath with refreshing lemon oil 30 minutes

Enjoy the fresh aroma of lemon oil, which invigorates both your body and soul. In addition to the refreshing effect of lemon, we offer you a tub-bath enriched with 26 minerals and trace elements.

Relaxing lavender bath 30 minutes

Immerse in the thermal water of Kehida and enjoy the calming power of lavender oil, which is supplemented by 26 other trace elements and minerals. It calms the body and soul and relaxes muscles.

Magnesium bath with rosemary 30 minutes

Relax and enjoy the pleasant scent of rosemary! Magnesium has a direct role in the energy production of the human body, and it also has an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Relaxing tub-bath with grape seed oil 30 minutes

There is nothing more relaxing than a sweet-scented, hot bath, the aroma of which has a beneficial effect on skin, muscles and soul.

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Images about the aroma baths