What does it mean in practice for wellness?
The wellness is a health-conscious way of life that is physical, mental and spiritual harmony in everyday magic.

These are listed in the right diet, regular moving, a variety of beauty and relaxation treatments, meditation exercises, and you should all improve our health and our well-being activities.

How does it help to you the Kehida Termal? What wellness services can be taken advantage to make her feel better?
The listed below are sure to find something for everyone:

  • Wellness Aroma baths (Refreshing lemon oil bath , Relaxing lavender bath or Grape-seed oil and Magnesium bath with rosemary)
  • Cardio-Fitness Room
  • Hair salon
  • Water Gymnastics, tours of the area on foot or by bicycle, baby swimming For Kids
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Massages (therapeutic massage foot massage, grape seed oil massage, relaxing massage with aroma oils, relaxing head and neck massage, Thai massage)
  • Locomotive organs therapy (clinical care, therapeutic massage physical therapy, physiotherapy treatment)
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Sauna World (Finnish sauna, infrared saunas, aromatherapy and music therapy cabin, whirlpool, Kneipp), infusions (ice, honey, seasalt)
  • Body treatments (mud wrap, anti cellulite treatment)
  • Massagebed with Jade massage

Some of these services are available for an extra fee, and our wellness area you can booking personaly or by phone.

Wellness prices


“Listen to the silence between the sounds: this is the real music of nature.”
(Chinese wisdom)

Massage with grape-seed oil(25 min.)

The grape is the present of the gods, and is one of the most popular fruits of the autumn. This fruit can be also used in body care and make our skin younger and softer without fatty feeling.
The grape-seed oil is rich in vitamines, proteins and minerals.
This massage has a stimulation effect, so it improves the circulation, cleans and detoxifies the organism. It can be reccommended for the stimulation of the tired legs.
The massage is suggested mainly after sunbathing, sauna or bathing.

Swedish massage(25 min.)

Let yourself pemper with this massage taking place with olive oil. Before the massage bathing in thermal water is reccommended because the warm temperature prepares the body for the massage.

The classical Swedish massage takes place from the ankle to the scalp with the massage of the muscles.

The massage relaxes the muscles, reduces the back or spine ache. The blood circulation will be stimulated, the skin becomes younger and the stress can be reduced.

The way of the massage is based on the elements of the traditional medical massage.

Massage with medical herb oil (25/50 min.)

This massage has a medium strength and takes place with the catches of the Swedish massage. Thanks for these catches healing and regeneration effect can be reached. The aroma of the medical herb oil includes juniper, camphor and eucalyptus. The massage relaxes the muscles, reduces the inflammations and the aches. This massage is also reccommended in case of muscle aches and sport injuries.

Harmonizing Massage with Camomile(25/50 min.)

Folk medicine the chamomile used to cleansing , reduce inflammation. A relaxing, gentle, full-body massage using chamomile with massage milk carried out, which soothes the skin and tired muscles.

Relax massage with lavender (25/50 min.)

The sweet lavender flower encompasses the body softly and relaxes the spirit.
The breeze of the lavender oil is fresh, relaxes and stimulates the organism at the same time.
This massage has got a beneficial effect on our heart. It makes the nerve system stronger.

Essential oil aroma massage (50 min.)

The lemon-scented base oil mixture gently pervades through the camomile and eucalyptus scent that invigorates not only the skin but also unrivaled effect on the body and soul as well.

Massage with salt (25 min.)

The body is massaged with the mix of salt from the Dead Sea and olive oil. So not only the upper, dead halter cells are taken off, the deeper halter cells will be also detoxicated. The trace element- and mineral content of salt are absorbed through the skin, too.
This massage stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism of cells, and the immune system will be strengthened. The skin will be hydrated.
The excreta and fat cells included in the connective tissue can be relaxed if you use infrasauna before the massage and consume much fluid after the massage.
At the end of the massage your skin will be wiped with a warm water duster depending on your skin type (in this way the wasteful salt with oil will be wiped, and the other part of salt can be absorbed) or gel should be put on your skin after having a shower.
After the massage it is not reccommended to have a bath some hours long because the agents can be absorbed in this way.

Tired legs massage (40 min.)

The foot and sole are one of the most used body parts. During the massage both feet and soles are treated 20 minutes long.

The aim of the massage is to give the energetic balance back. This energetic balance is a precondition of the health life.

The massage is suggested for tenseness, and it can stimulate the lymph circulation and make the way you feel more pleasant.

During this massage the blood supply, the metabolism and the lymph circulation of the organs are stimulated on the treated areas, and the energy level of the organism increases.

Honey massage (25 min.)

The healing power of honey is exploited by this massage. This healing power helps to regulate the energy flow of the body.
The honey is rich in vitamines and minerals that come deep into the skin. The catches have a medium strength. With this massage the roughages can be secreted and the organism can be cleaned and detoxicated.
The honey massage can be used for the following problems:
Spinal problems, head-, neck-, shoulder- and backache, rheumatic diseases, neuralgia, joint problems, recurrent infections, chronic exhaustion or depression.
The use of this massage is not reccommended on hairy body surfaces (for men), but it can be used as pack.

Thai massage (50 min.)

The Thai masage is a massage from the Far East based on more hundred years traditions. This massage differs from the Europian massages essentially.
The massage is made on a massage rug. The guests should wear cotton clothes and can enjoy a ’dry’ massage. The acupressure points are stimulated with pressure techniques.
During this massage all parts of the body are involved. The masseur can use his/her knies and soles as well.
The massage stimulates the vegetative immune system and the insides, so it gives the balance of the energy system back. Thanks for the stretchings, the tenseness of the muscles and the joints is reduced, so the flexibility of the body increases.
After the massage you can feel fresh, active and balanced physically and spiritually as well.

Underwater massage/Tangentor(20 min.)

With the massage the joint effect of the hot bath and the massage is exploited. This massage is reccommended for muscle problems and the relaxation of the muscles.
The guest lies in hot water with the temperature of 35-37 Celsius in a bath. A strong water jet is used for the massage, and the main muscle groups are involved.
The massage can involve the whole body or only current body parts. During the treatment the mechanical and heat effects of water are exploited. It influences the tonality of the muscles on a positive way and improves the blood- and lymph circulation on the peripheries.

Massagebed with Jade stone (40 min.)

The warm jade stones go along the line of spine, stop by the acupuncture points and the mucles will be relaxed. The effect of heat will be strengthened and the meridians will be opened. The body fills up with curing energy and the flowing of Chi energy will be stimulated. The metabolism of the celles will be improved, the vitality increases and the immune system will be strengthened.
It is suggested to drink enough fluid before and after the treatment because the detoxication of the organism takes place during the use of the massagebed. It is reccommended to wear cotton clothes during the treatment. It is suggested to use the massage bed every day.
The effects of the massagebed with Jade stone:
This massage bed improves the way you feel, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the detoxication, the blood circulation and the nerve tenseness. The muscles will be relaxed, and the massagebed ensures the D-vitamine supply for the organism.
The massagebed with Jade stone is reccommended for:
locomotive disorders, spinal problems, rheumatic diseases, inflammations, skin problems, osteoporosis, allergy, asthma, chronic snuffles, depression, sight improwing.
The massagebed with Jade stone is not reccommended for: pregnant women, fresh operated people (3-6 months), pacemaker, implant.

Wellness Aromabaths

“A calmness balance and lightness gives you the inner peace and balance of lightness and peace of mind.”

Refreshing lemon oil bath (30 min.)

Enjoy the breeze of the fresh lemon oil. Thanks for the lemon oil, your body and spirit is filled up with energy. What is more, this bath provides the beneficial effect of minerals (26 types) and trace elements.

Relaxing lavender bath (30 min.)

Enjoy the medical spa of Kehida and the relaxing power of lavender oil. This relaxing power is also provided by the trace elements (26 types) and minerals. The body, the spirit and the muscles can be relaxed.

Magnesium bath with rosemary (30 min.)

Relax and enjoy the pleasant breeze of rosemary. The magnesium plays an important role in the energy production of the human body and the brain impulses.

Grape-seed oil bath (30 min.)

This bath has got a beneficial effect on the skin, the muscles and the spirit. Besides the grape-seed oil, this bath includes honey and oilive oil.

Body treatments

The beauty and wisdom in line with all the other virtues. These two are the key to everything.

Mud pack (40 min.)

The curing with mud belongs to the ancient methodes, and it is used worldwide. The different packs have a beneficial effect on our organism. The mud pack reduces the rheumatic and articulation problems, relaxes the muscles. The minerals and trace elements included in mud stimulate and relax the skin.

Anti-cellulite cure (50 min.)

The best result can be reached by the common effect of bath salts and mud from the Dead Sea. The treatment takes place on the whole body part covered by cellulite. First this body part will be massaged with peeling salt. Thanks for its particle structure, the peeling salt is suitable for body scrubbing.
The skin callus and the dead halter celles can be removed evenly with agents and essential oils. After that mud pack rich in oils will be placed on the skin.
The treatment stimulates the metabolism, the blood-and lymph circulation, ensures oxygen for the skin and cleans the skin. The toxins will be taken off by mud. This cure hydrates the skin, sustains the level of moisture.
After 20 minutes the mud pack will be taken off with a shower. After the treatment relaxation is suggested.


The suntanned skin and sun lovers: standing or lying solarium’s performance immediately noticeable. Enjoy the effects of tanning solarium in the winter, without the stress and relaxed. Machines to make the body comfort healthy and youthful appearance conjure up for you.